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North Raleigh Spa Salon

UI Design

Mobile app re-design project for North Raleigh Spa Salon located in Raleigh, NC

User Design Brief

Why Mobile app for NRSS exists

Why does the client want to launch this product? Client wants product launched because they realize consumers spend the majority of their time in mobile apps.  Client wants to engage more with their customers and market.  They want to create convenience for their customers.

Where did the idea originate from? Idea originated from the owner & staff of the salon.

What is this mobile app all about? This mobile app will be about engaging current clients and creating new clients, boosting convenience for clients and sales.

What does it enable people to do? This app will allow clients to conveniently book their appointments through a mobile device, and also price services and receive totals for expected services.  Clients will also be able to create personal profiles with name, birthday, receive discounts, & favorite/repeat services.

Define the end user & the context of use

Profession– Admins, secretaries, supervisors, managers,

Age– Age range of clients are 10-65, however, those who will use the app the most will be between 18 – 45.

Comfort level with technology– With the given age range, customers should be very comfortable with the ease of use that will be designed for the app.

Needs-Clients needs convenience, ease of use, & reminders

Current frustrations & pain points– Being able to save time, quick response, ease of use, lack of notifications.

Context of use-User will use this app whenever they are ready to schedule or reschedule an appointment, check status for new coupons and discounts.



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